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resized_200x300_tony_best_pic.jpgDr. Sayegh graduated with honors from the Life University Doctor of Chiropractic program in 2003; before which he attained his bachelors of science in biology at Pace University, also with a seat in the National Biological Honor Society. Dr Sayegh always knew he wanted to help people and since childhood wanted to be a teacher or a doctor.

He became a certified Brimhall Wellness Doctor which includes in depth, and extensive study in all the healing arts. This certification included studies in advanced healing therapies from around the globe and takes into account every aspect that could be affecting the health and functioning of our bodies. As a result, coupled with years of intense experience, Dr. Sayegh has become a leading expert in many mainstream and holistic therapies including to name a few, chiropractic, cranio-sacral therapy, cold laser, advanced applied neurological techniques, an extensive background with herbs, vitamins, and minerals, enzymes, and a variety of emotional release techniques.

Early experience included 18 months of operating a holistic clinic in Garden City, Long Island, seeing thousands of people with varying cases. There he continued deepening his experience working with many complicated cases on both ends of the spectrum. One end with a wide variety of chronically ill patients, people suffering from life threatening illness like autoimmune disease, cancer, and high blood pressure, the other end, people looking to enhance performance of their bodies which included helping athletes with sports performance and sports related injuries.

Currently, Dr. Sayegh holds a private practice in White Plains, N.Y. which is moving on to its 11th year. Thrive Holistic Wellness is not only committed to raising health awareness, building peoples health, and saving lives. Thrive is committed to rejuvenating the enthusiasm for life of all people.

Dr. Sayegh is actively involved in the community. Thrive regularly sponsors charity dinners. He frequently hosts many events in house for the community. He speaks regularly at public engagements, and has initiated a Health, Healing, and Higher Quality of Life series of seminars and workshops. These workshops empower people on numerous health related issues and are held both in house and at outside locations. His experience has shown that just taking the time with people as a doctor to help them be aware of what is going on in their body, as well as what could be going on (good or bad), and what should be going on in their body if they want to get well, already brings so much hope and often shines a light on possibilities that could not be seen before. For this reason, the doc volunteers time in the community in numerous ways helping people understand the nature of their conditions, or providing insight as to what might be causing them, and giving 2nd opinions.

Dr. Sayegh's goals are to empty the hospitals*, nursing homes, and facilities like dialysis centers and to fill the principled chiropractic offices, gyms, and churches and temples. Together we are already making it happen and Dr. Sayegh wants your help too. (Raising awareness saves lives and there may be people we would never be able to reach without you. With sufficient notice, you too might be able to have Dr. Sayegh speak to your group on such topics as: how health works in your body, ways to stay well for 100+ years, the cause of most diseases, and the most cost effective ways of keeping your family healthy and well for their entire life.) Dr. Sayegh is an exciting, and engaging speaker and would provide a memorable and moving experience for your group.

************Dr. Sayegh will connect with you demonstrating tremendous understanding and patience. He has been in the trenches and knows what it is like to suffer. The following is his personal story:

Dr. Sayegh knows what it is like to suffer. He suffered a spinal injury during high school football which was never properly cared for at the age of 16. Over the next 20 years, it degenerated and caused severe decay in the spinal cord and surrounding tissues in his neck. Unbeknownst to him or his family, this caused vital life signals from the brain to the body to diminish over time and a decay process progressed. Organs and tissues were injured and suffering began at the young age of 30 and eventually lead to 2 complete life threatening crises. Dr. Sayegh suffered shortness of breath from early on which would go on for long periods of time. Stomach problems grew and digestion was becoming increasingly disturbed. The immune system was weakened and abnormal cells were growing and spreading through the large intestine. Internal hemorrhaging ensued undetected at first untill iron levels were so low they were completely undetectable. By age 35, the crises hit and pain levels became unbearable causing Dr. Sayegh to spend countless sleepless nights. Month after month, the weight kept coming off until his skin was pale as a ghost and sickly, his body was so skinny it looked like "skin and bones", and he was so weak that simply moving positions became a rough hardship. He felt hopeless, alone, and like no one understood what he was going through. He couldn't work and was depressed. He couldn't be there for his kids and his wife carried the huge burden of caring for him and the family. After complete medical evaluation, doctors were telling him he had cancer. That they needed to cut out a major part of his colon and that he would need to begin chemotherapy.

Right at this time, after hearing the words cancer, he knew he had to make a big shift, and through the grace of God, discovered the complete truth about what needed to be done because the cause had been discovered and understood. He discovered the damage in the spinal cord and committed himself to the necessary steps to allow replacement and restoration of normal healthy cells at the level of the organs and tissues.

At this time doctors were calling incessantly, leaving messages at his residence (6X a day). These doctors wanted more biopsies and other procedures, clearly expressed that this will never just go away, and ultimately inferred that he would die if he doesn't go for the standard medical treatment which included amputating a hugh section of his intestines. This is not an easy thing to go through. Dr. Sayegh was praying for a miracle while surrounded by so much doubt, fear, hopelessness, and negativity from the doctors. It was hard, even for him, to avoid the doubts and fears in his own heart especially because the pain was so severe.

He was constantly tempted to believe, "Were they right??" "I know there is a time and a place for everything. Do I really have to do what they are telling me?" What made matters worse was that the solution so eagerly being presented was just as bad. It was the very last thing anyone would ever want to do. The standard medical approach presented can simply be described as burn, cut, and poisen--something the doc knew that along with getting rid of the tumors would cause so much damage that he could be giving up on a bright, healthy future right then and there. He was praying for a better way and through nothing other than grace stumbled across one.

The knowledge he has been blessed to share is what allowed him to choose a path which has not only put him on the path to a truly exceptional life health wise, but has created positive changes in every area of his life. The long story short is that the tumors went away without ever needing the surgery or putting anything toxic in his body. His body repaired and replaced cells as needed. (Like it does in all healthy people) Now he is whole, happy and complete. This includes physically, mentally, and spiritually especially since somehow with God's grace, the whole experience, (it's easier to say this in hindsight) had turned into a blessing which has enriched the life of Dr. Sayegh, his family, and his practice.

Dr. Sayegh's goals are to empty the hospitals*, and nursing homes, and to fill the principled chiropractic offices, gyms, and churches and temples with people living vibrant, fulfilled, and empowered lives.

* (It is believed that near 90% of the people in hospitals would be free and improving if they received the right guidance--to get their body to revert to repairing and replacing sick, diseased, and abnormal cells at 100% again)

license_pic__2_.jpgThe Acupuncturist

Yet, after six months I realized that research was unsatisfying for me. It was not very people-oriented (I was doing a lot of cellular / molecular research at the time, which, needless to say, doesn't require much talking!). It also seemed that it would take a lifetime of work to accomplish something meaningful, and I was ready to make an immediate contribution.

Acupuncture is an amazing tool in assisting the body to heal itself. Patients have miraculous results each visit, with quality of life improved in every way. Not only does it address symptoms, but it effects the individuals entire life, thereby not only helping that one person receiving the treatment, but serving friends and family as well. It is an amazing gift for me to be allowed to practice in this field and I am thankful for it every day!

Acupuncture can help many people with almost any condition. Please feel free to call and speak with me about it anytime at 914-684-1800.

Karen Said, L.Ac, Reiki Master

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